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    The fiber shape and chemical composition of bamboo are suitable for pulping.In view of pulping performance and pulp strength,bam boo is one of the best paper making material,merely inferior to softwood and close to hardwood.With the development of the paper industry,substituting pulping technologies,such as continuous cooking and non-pollution bleaching with oxygen and peroxide,for batch cooking and routine bleaching are the goal of modern bam boo pulp mil1.Replacing wood with bamboo is a strategy to lighten the pressure for wood demand and conform to the requirement of ecology environment protection,and will provide a wide opportunity for bamboo pulp development.

    Product name Product code Specifications Packing
    Color MINI soft pumping of Ample MR01-13 100mm*195mm/bag 80Draw/bag

    (Extracting natural bamboo fiber, do not use decolorizer the whole course, With no dioxin (human level 1 carcinogen) in the production process. Cleanly healthy, harmless, environmental, Low-Carbon,a health and safety household paper.)

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